HERE’S the thing

uncommonplace book is a journal of writings, miscellany, art, stuffness, etc.

True to its name, the intention is to create a compilation of knowledge. Some of this knowledge may be useful, others may find it amusing, and others, not so much of either. uncommonplace book is not a scrapbook or a diary. It is not a travelogue or cookbook. It is refrigerator magnets, initials written in sidewalk, soup can labels, and Clery releases. Really, it will be everything, including common. Website slash online journal coming forwith.
SUBMISSION guidelines
We are considering submissions for our next edition with an anticipated publication date of FALL 2017. In this edition we are returning more to the original concept of an uncommonplace book.  What that means is that we are interested in not only the content of your pieces we are interested in the form.  We will literally be printing out submissions as they come in - on note cards, binder paper, paper bags, pieces of wood or whatever and pasting them into our journal.  If you do not have an interesting format, for instance you simply submit a poem or story in an electronic document, we may reserve the right to "upgrade" your submission (perhaps print it out on wrinkled construction paper) before we compile it into our journal. We are especially interested in short works of fiction, and also non-fiction, poems, recipes, illustrations, photos, essays, charts, formulas, lists, etc. Whatever you’ve got we want to see it. Stories shall be no more than 2500 words, please.  Submissions must be received by August 1, 2017.

We do not republish work that has been printed elsewhere online or in print (personal websites excepted).

TO SUBMIT just send an electronic mail to:

and attach a full copy in RTF, MS Word, or PDF. For images, same deal, send your work as a JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF format.

Please put contact info (name, number, email) on slash with your submission; a cover page is good or typed on the first page of your work is fine too.

Lastly, upon acceptance, you will receive 2 copies of Uncommonplace Book. We will pay you in props, kudos, and thank yous; your friends can buy you a beer.  

Please send all submissions, questions, comments, selfies, or requests to